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McKendry Consulting

McKendry Consulting provides nearshore outsourcing and consulting focused on reducing cost, increasing sales, reducing time to ROI, and enabling international expansion. We have direct experience of initiatives in sales outsourcing, sales & strategy consulting, software development, operations management for both start-ups and multinationals.

Consulting & Interim

We provide Strategy Consultants, Sales Consultants, Technical Consultants, Interim resources and Non-Executive Director's for short or long term real industry expertise on a per project or interim basis; providing ROI through reducing cost and creating both top and bottom line growth.

Outsourced Sales, Outsourced Operations & Outsourced Development

NearShore Outsourcing enables expansion into and out of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), CEE (Central Eastern Europe), UK & Ireland. Providing resources as contractors and a single point of contact for expansion as an extension of our client's: Sales, Operations & Development teams allowing them to focus more time and energy on their core competencies.

Outsourcing virtually eliminates direct hire costs, unnecessary local entity set up and operational expenditures.

McKendry Consulting can leverage its network of independent consultants to quickly identify relevant suppliers such as software developers, systems integrators etc. and manage the project. This innovative approach drastically reduces the time and cost associated with tender processes as the industry professionals know from personal experience the right suppliers.


McKendry Consulting also facilitates institutional investments and is particularly active in assisting CEE & UK companies setup, gain investment and grow sales in the rest of Europe and the US.

EMEA Market Entry or Sales Development

When companies introduce their products and services overseas, they have three market entry or market expansion options which pose challenges that often leads to failure:

Indirect Channel Partner Challenges include:

  • Lack of local supervision to drive sales
  • Very long sales cycles and inaccurate sales forecasting

Sales Generation Firms / Sales Agent Challenges include:

  • Lack of presales ability and focus
  • High management time and cost overhead

Entity Set Up - Direct Hire Challenges include:

  • High up front costs
  • Local compliance, severance costs, entity dissolutions

EMEA Setup of Operations

Overseas expansion has a heavy task burden; from selecting entity structures and local accounting partners to the management time required to oversee operations. There is also substantial liability and permanent establishment risk from local employment laws, tax compliance and VAT filing requirements.

Software Development / Application Development

Finding all the required skills available at the right time and cost is complex. Internal resources can also be overburdened with operational task.

Consulting, Advisory, Interim & Turnaround

Individual consultants & teams to provide dedicated short or long term industry expertise on a per project or interim basis. In addition we can provide non executive directors or turnaround resources e.g Turnaround CEO...Driving ROI through reducing cost and creating both top & bottom line growth.

  • Strategy Consulting

  • Creating vision and a path to market reality taking into account internal / external factors, market forces, technology trends and the competitive landscape. Driving business strategy, transformation & optimization.

  • Sales Consulting

  • Sales strategy & planning, solution selling and proactive bids, account team turnaround, growing accounts or territories and market entry.

  • Operations Consulting

  • Operational improvements, cost savings, new revenue opportunities from existing resources, market expansion, risk assessment.

  • Technology Consulting

  • Alignment of internal and external resources, process and technology with strategy, goals and objective. RFI, RFQ, Design, Software Development, implimenation & support

For more information visit the Consulting or Interim sections

Sales Outsourcing

Enabling a path to creating early ROI in EMEA / CEE by providing outsourced sales contractors at zero up-front costs. We contract expert sales personnel to meet your specific sales needs. Sales personnel are jointly selected and managed to execute sales expansion plans. Our contractors do not require costly local entity setup or employer payroll commitments.

Our services eliminate the management time and costs associated with hiring and supporting your own personnel in unexplored markets. Our personnel are dedicated, full time experts that have the international experience, sales bid pro-activeness, and proven success to expand your business.

  • Joint selection and management of Senior Sales Contractor(s)
  • Management of Sales planning and execution
  • Pre-sales and post-sales account management
    • Consulting services related to direct & indirect sales improvement and interim sales support e.g VP Sales EMEA, VP Sales CEE, Director Sales..., Non-Executive Director...

For more information visit the Outsourced Sales services section

Outsourced Operations

When revenue is being achieved and local operations become a necessity, we will provide services for setting up and managing the recurring international finance and administrative activities in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This includes entity set-up and registrations, monthly closing of books, payroll, cash management, local financial statement filing and statutory audit requirements, local income tax and VAT/GST (or equivalent) tax compliance.

  • Assessment of existing operations - Structure, compliance
  • Identification of appropriate local accounting providers
  • Management and review of monthly payroll/bookkeeping
  • Consulting services support of financial operations

Outsourcing operations eliminates the need for additional HQ finance resources, minimizes local compliance risk, and allows management time to be focused on HQ related matters. We also provide consulting services e.g. preparation of employment contracts and country assessments.

For more information visit the Outsourced Operations services section

Outsourced Software Development

We maximize ROI by providing cost effective short and long-term nearshore outsourced software development services in both Western and Central Eastern Europe to match your business requirements.

We increase the efficiency of your internal IT resources by providing a highly qualified, cost effective outsourced team of project managers, architects and developers. This will enable you to focus on strategic objectives.

We can assemble and oversee a team of highly motivated, well qualified consultants and developers in Prague (Czech Republic), Warsaw (Poland), London & Belfast (UK) and Ireland (Dublin) to design, define, develop, and assist in systems integration for our client's IT requirements in accordance to project life cycle.

Avoid long and complex RFI and RFQ process as we can point you in the right direction and to the right suppliers quickly.

  • Functional and non-functional requirements definition and design
  • Detailed Architecture and implementation plans
  • Technical Implementation & Systems integration
  • Software Development

For more information visit the Outsourced Development services section


Our Investments practice works with both investors and those seeking investments. Our focus is to identify opportunities predominately in Central Eastern Europe and the UK that we can assist and believe will provide solid returns to strategic investors, public and private sector partners.

We focus on companies that will build long-term values to the consumer, have proven management teams, and unique offerings within their industry and to customers.

We invest directly in startups and facilitate investment through 3rd party funds via buy side advisor relationships and assist with Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

  • Early stage investment( Angel funding, Seed funding)
  • EBITA 2-3m Euros (Institutional)

Please contact us if you are interested in our Investment services

Mergers & Acquistions

We identify potentual Merger and Acquisition opportunities (M&A) and faciliate as either

buy side advisor


sell side advisor


exit advisor


Our focus includes:

  • Early stage investment ( Angel funding, Seed funding)
  • EBITA 2-3m Euros (Institutional)

Please contact us if you are Merger & Acquisition services.

Startup Incubator

We work with start-up companies mainly in Central Eastern Europe (CEE) assisting them to develop their offerings from the conceptualization stage to startup funding, investment, commercialization, growth and exit. In addition to our outsourced sales and consulting services we provide assistance through a combination of the following services:

  • Assessment of existing business and financial plans
  • Assistance with investor presentation and documents
  • Developing a communications strategy to investors and customers
  • Startup Investment
  • Recruitment of team resources
  • Investment
  • Forming joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Cross marketing products and services

Please contact us if you are interested in our Startup Incubator